C.E.O Message

About CEO

Mr.Muhammad Naurooz is an accomplished entrepreneur and under his direction the PharmAlliance Laboratories (Pvt) Ltd has emerged as the leading and fastest growing pharmaceutical company of Pakistan. He has a vast experience of the pharmaceutical industry and has proven his acumen in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing, Marketing & Sales and Distribution etc.

Mr.Muhammad Naurooz, started business from a National Pharmaceuticals company in Peshawar, Pakistan.

Mr. Muhammad Naurooz had a vision of setting up an ultra modern pharmaceutical company for which his efforts got rewarded with the establishment of PharmAlliance Laboratories (Pvt) Ltd.

CEO Message

PharmAlliance Laboratories (Pvt) Ltd is my belief, a unique philosophy and a completely different perspective. If we employ the principle of PharmAlliance in our working as well as in our daily lives then I am sure we can make all our dreams come true.

The world is ever changing and those who do not gear up for the future challenges are left behind.  With this realization we should prepare for the future and think ahead.

Lets join hands for the continuous improvement for the quality of your life.