Vitamin B-12

PharmAlliance International Labs introduces Vitamin B-12, a liquid ampule formulation offering rapid absorption and optimal bioavailability. Vital for DNA synthesis and neurological function, B-12 injections address deficiency-related conditions like anemia and malabsorption syndromes. Trusted for its efficacy, these injections stand as paragons of convenience, empowering individuals on their journey to vitality and well-being.



PharmAlliance International Labs Private Limited: Your Gateway to Vitality

Embark on a journey to vibrant health and vitality with PharmAlliance International Labs Private Limited, where innovation meets excellence in healthcare solutions. We are thrilled to introduce our latest breakthrough: Vitamin B-12. With a steadfast commitment to scientific advancement and holistic well-being, we aim to cater to the diverse needs of patients and healthcare professionals worldwide.

Unveiling the Essence of Vitamin B-12:

  • Product Name: Vitamin B-12
  • Drug Classification: Vitamin supplement
  • Injection: 1000 mcg/3ml, 75 mcg/1.5ml
  • Product Form: Liquid Ampule
  • Packing Specifications: 25’s

Delving into Pharmacokinetics:

Vitamin B-12, also referred to as cobalamin, embarks on a transformative journey from the depths of the gastrointestinal tract to the sanctuary of the liver. Stored with care, it emerges as a vital catalyst, orchestrating a symphony of metabolic processes essential for vitality and well-being.

Unlocking the Pharmacodynamics:

As a water-soluble powerhouse, Vitamin B-12 assumes the role of a silent hero, facilitating enzymatic reactions pivotal for DNA synthesis, red blood cell formation, and neurological function. With its nurturing embrace, it fosters the growth of healthy nerve cells and fuels the machinery of DNA and RNA production, laying the foundation for optimal health.

Navigating the Formulations:

Our Vitamin B-12 injections stand as paragons of convenience and efficacy, offering a liquid formulation designed for seamless administration. With rapid absorption and optimal bioavailability, they ensure a swift and efficient path to revitalization, empowering individuals to reclaim their vitality with ease.

Journeying through Indications:

Vitamin B-12 emerges as a beacon of hope for those grappling with the shadows of deficiency. From the silent specter of pernicious anemia to the labyrinthine pathways of malabsorption syndromes, it stands as a steadfast ally against the ravages of inadequacy, offering solace and rejuvenation to weary souls.

Guiding Usage and Dosage:

Navigate the realm of Vitamin B-12 under the guidance of a healthcare professional, charting a course toward vitality and well-being. Whether administered intramuscularly or subcutaneously, each injection heralds a promise of renewal, a testament to the transformative potential of holistic healthcare.

Nurturing Potential Side Effects:

While the embrace of Vitamin B-12 is typically met with tranquility, occasional whispers of mild side effects may flutter by, serving as gentle reminders of our body’s delicate equilibrium. From fleeting sensations at the injection site to rare allergic reactions, vigilance remains paramount, ensuring the safety and well-being of every individual.

At PharmAlliance International Labs Private Limited, we stand as stewards of vitality, dedicated to delivering high-quality healthcare products that cater to the needs of patients and healthcare professionals alike. For further enlightenment or guidance, we invite you to embark on a journey of discovery with your healthcare provider or pharmacist.



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