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Vaginal Hysterectomy set 

(Consisting of a total of 49 Pieces)

Discover excellence in surgical instrumentation with the Vaginal Hysterectomy Set, meticulously crafted by the R&D Department of PharmAlliance International Labs Private Limited. This comprehensive set, comprising 49 precision instruments, is designed to meet the exacting standards of gynecological surgery, ensuring optimal outcomes for patients and practitioners alike.

Unparalleled Precision and Performance

At PharmAlliance International Labs Private Limited, we are committed to delivering superior-quality instruments that empower surgeons to perform with confidence and precision. The Vaginal Hysterectomy Set features an array of meticulously crafted instruments, each engineered to facilitate smooth and efficient procedures:

  1. Instrument Container Box 10”x12”x2″ (1 piece) – Provides secure storage and easy access to instruments, promoting organization and sterility.
  2. Towel Clips, Backhaus, 13cm (6 pieces) – Essential for securing surgical drapes, and maintaining a sterile field throughout the procedure.
  3. B.P Handle No 4 (2 pieces) – Versatile handles compatible with a range of surgical blades, ensuring optimal control and maneuverability.
  4. Artery Forceps 6” Curved, Spencer-Well (8 pieces) – Designed for precise hemostasis, facilitating delicate tissue manipulation with confidence.
  5. Artery Forceps 6” Straight, Spencer-Well (4 pieces) – Ideal for clamping and manipulating blood vessels, ensuring minimal tissue trauma.
  6. Sponge Holding Forceps, Forester, Straight, Serrated, 24cm (2 pieces) – Securely grasp sponges and gauze, aiding in the maintenance of a clear surgical field.
  7. Metzebaum Scissors 9” Curved (1 piece) – Precision scissors for accurate tissue dissection and cutting.
  8. Sim’s Straight Scissors 8” (1 piece) – Versatile scissors for cutting and dissecting tissues with ease.
  9. Czerney Retractors 20cm (2 pieces) – Provides optimal exposure of the surgical field, facilitating access and visualization.
  10. Langenbaeck Retractors, 35x8mm, 21cm (2 pieces) – Ensures consistent retraction of tissues, enhancing visibility during the procedure.
  11. Needle Holder 7”, Mayo-Hegar (1 piece) – Offers a secure grip on needles during suturing, ensuring precise wound closure.
  12. Needle holder 8”, Mayo-Hegar (1 piece) – Provides additional options for needle manipulation and control.
  13. Toothed Dissecting Forceps 7” (1 piece) – Facilitates precise tissue manipulation and dissection.
  14. Non-Toothed Dissecting Forceps 7” (1 piece) – Ideal for delicate tissue handling without causing damage.
  15. Allis Forceps 7”, 5×6 Teeth (6 pieces) – Enables secure grasping and retraction of tissues, ensuring optimal exposure.
  16. Sims Speculum Set of 3pcs, 60x30mm, 70x35mm, 80x40mm (4 pieces) – Provides clear visualization of the vaginal canal, facilitating examination and access.
  17. Gallipots 150ml (1 piece) – Convenient containers for holding small instruments and supplies during the procedure.
  18. Uterine Sound, Sims, 32cm (1 piece) – Facilitates accurate measurement of uterine depth and position.
  19. Kidney Tray 25cm w/o Lid (1 piece) – Provides a convenient receptacle for used instruments and surgical waste.
  20. Kidney Tray 20cm w/o Lid (1 piece) – Additional tray for organizing and holding instruments during the procedure.
  21. Vusellum 10”, Teale (2 pieces) – Enables gentle grasping and manipulation of tissues during the procedure.
  22. Vaginal Retractor, Doyen, 58x50mm, 25cm (1 piece) – Provides optimal exposure of the vaginal canal, facilitating access and visualization.
  23. Stainless Steel Box with Filter and Side Lock 30x25x5cm (1 piece) – Ensures safe and secure storage of instruments between uses.

Elevate Your Surgical Practice with PharmAlliance International Labs Private Limited

Experience the alliance of excellence with PharmAlliance International Labs Private Limited. Our commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction sets us apart as a trusted provider of surgical instruments worldwide.

Trust PharmAlliance International Labs Private Limited for all your surgical instrument needs. Together, let’s achieve excellence in healthcare.

Set Instruments Details

No Vaginal Hysterectomy set 

(Consisting of a total of 49 Pieces)

1 1x Instrument container box10”x12”x2″ 1
2 6x Towel clips, Backhaus, 13cm 6
3 2x B.P handle No 4 2
4 8x Artery forceps 6” curved, Spencer-well 8
5 4x Artery forceps 6” straight, Spencer-well 4
6 2x Sponge holding forceps, Forester, Str, Serrated, 24cm 2
7 1x Metzebaum scissors 9” curved 1
8 1x Sim’s straight scissors 8” 1
9 2x Czerney retractors 20cm 2
10 2x Langenbaeck retractors, 35x8mm, 21cm 2
11 1x Needle holder 7”, Mayo-Hegar 1
12 1x Needle holder 8”, Mayo-Hegar 1
13 1x Toothed dissecting forceps 7” 1
14 1x Non-toothed dissecting forceps 7” 1
15 1x Allis forceps 7”, 5x6teeth 6
16 4x Sims speculum set of 3pcs, 60x30mm, 70x35mm, 80x40mm 1
17 1x Gallipots 150ml 2
18 1x Uterine sound, Sims, 32cm 1
19 1x Kidney tray 25cm w/o lid 1
20 1x Kidney tray 20cm w/o lid 1
21 2x Vusellum 10”, Teale 2
22 1x Veginal Retractor, Doyen, 58x50mm, 25cm 1
23 1x Stainless steel box with filter and side lock 30x25x5cm 1

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