Sodium Fusidate

Welcome to PharmAlliance International Labs, introducing our Sodium Fusidate Tablets, 250 mg, engineered to combat bacterial infections effectively. Derived from fusidic acid, these tablets target Gram-positive bacteria across various indications. Administer orally for optimal absorption and adhere to prescribed dosages for complete treatment. Explore its pharmacokinetics, distribution, and mechanism of action, ensuring swift resolution of infections. While effective, remain vigilant against potential side effects, prioritizing patient safety. Trust PharmAlliance for cutting-edge pharmaceutical solutions, advancing global health with excellence.



Introducing Sodium Fusidate Tablets by PharmAlliance International Labs

Welcome to PharmAlliance International Labs Private Limited, where we are committed to revolutionizing healthcare with our innovative pharmaceutical solutions. Our Sodium Fusidate Tablets stand as a testament to our dedication to providing top-tier treatments for bacterial infections, ensuring patients worldwide receive the care they deserve.

Understanding the Drug Class:

Sodium Fusidate, the active ingredient in our tablets, belongs to the esteemed class of antibiotics known as fusidic acid derivatives. Renowned for their potent bacteriostatic and bactericidal properties, these antibiotics target a broad spectrum of Gram-positive bacteria, making them indispensable in the fight against infectious diseases.

Exceptional Formulation:

Each Sodium Fusidate Tablet packs a punch with 250 mg of potent antimicrobial power. Crafted for oral administration, these tablets offer both convenience and precision in dosing, ensuring optimal therapeutic outcomes for patients grappling with bacterial infections.

Indications for Use:

Our Sodium Fusidate Tablets are tailored to treat a myriad of bacterial infections, including skin and soft tissue infections like impetigo and cellulitis, bone and joint infections such as osteomyelitis, and systemic infections affecting the respiratory and urinary tracts. Wherever bacterial invaders may lurk, Sodium Fusidate Tablets stand ready to combat them.

Optimal Usage and Dosage Guidelines:

To harness the full potential of Sodium Fusidate, patients are advised to take the tablets orally with water, ideally on an empty stomach to facilitate swift absorption. It is imperative to adhere to the prescribed dosage regimen, completing the full course of treatment even if symptoms alleviate prematurely.

Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics:

Embark on a journey through the pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic intricacies of Sodium Fusidate. Witness its swift absorption post-oral administration, followed by widespread distribution throughout the body, including skin and soft tissues, where it orchestrates its antimicrobial symphony. Delve deeper into its mechanism of action, where Sodium Fusidate disrupts bacterial protein synthesis, effectively halting bacterial proliferation and promoting resolution of infections.

Navigating Side Effects and Safety Precautions:

While Sodium Fusidate Tablets offer a beacon of hope in the battle against bacterial infections, it is crucial to remain vigilant against potential side effects. From gastrointestinal disturbances to rare but serious adverse reactions, our tablets come with a comprehensive safety profile that ensures patient well-being remains paramount.


At PharmAlliance International Labs, we pride ourselves on delivering excellence in pharmaceutical innovation. With Sodium Fusidate Tablets, we reaffirm our commitment to advancing global health by providing effective and reliable antibiotic therapy. Join us in the journey towards better health and well-being. For further inquiries, please visit our website or consult with your healthcare provider.


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