PharmRenal D-Mannose Sachet

PharmAlliance International Labs presents PharmRenal D-Mannose Sachet, a potent solution for urinary tract health. This sachet combines cranberry extract and D-mannose to prevent bacterial adhesion and flush bacteria from the urinary tract, reducing UTI risk and severity. With added ascorbic acid for immune support, the sachet is recommended for individuals aiming to prevent UTIs. Dosage instructions advise taking one tablespoon twice daily. Meticulously packaged for global compliance, PharmRenal D-Mannose Sachet offers comprehensive support for urinary wellness. Trust PharmAlliance for optimal urinary tract health and a vibrant life.



Promote Urinary Tract Health with PharmRenal D-Mannose Sachet


Welcome to PharmAlliance International Labs Private Limited, where we prioritize holistic well-being through our Nutraceuticals Division. Our latest innovation, PharmRenal D-Mannose Sachet, underscores our commitment to urinary tract health. Crafted by our esteemed Research and Development Department, this product is meticulously formulated to support urinary tract health and elevate overall wellness.

Importance of Urinary Tract Health:

Urinary tract health is fundamental for maintaining overall well-being and vitality. The urinary tract serves as the body’s filtration system, eliminating waste and toxins, regulating fluid balance, and facilitating proper urinary function. Adequate nutrition is pivotal in promoting urinary tract health, as certain nutrients can aid in preventing infections, reducing inflammation, and supporting optimal urinary function.

Product Overview:

PharmRenal D-Mannose Sachet is a groundbreaking solution designed to promote urinary tract health and prevent urinary tract infections (UTIs). Each serving of this sachet contains a potent blend of ingredients meticulously selected for their beneficial effects on urinary health. By incorporating PharmRenal D-Mannose Sachet into your daily routine, you can nourish your urinary tract and reduce the risk of UTIs.

Combination for UTI Management in Females:

The synergistic combination of cranberry extract and D-mannose in PharmRenal D-Mannose Sachet is particularly effective for managing UTIs in females. Cranberry extract contains compounds that prevent bacteria from adhering to the urinary tract walls, thereby reducing the risk of UTIs. D-mannose, a type of sugar, aids in flushing bacteria from the urinary tract, diminishing the severity and duration of UTI symptoms. Together, these ingredients offer comprehensive support for urinary tract health and aid in managing UTIs in females.

Detailed Ingredient Information:

  • Cranberry Extract (USP) (250mg):
  • Usage: Cranberry extract is rich in antioxidants and compounds that hinder bacterial adhesion to urinary tract walls, thereby lowering the risk of UTIs.
  • Benefits: Rich in antioxidants, prevents bacterial adhesion, reduces UTI risk.
  • D-Mannose (USP) (100mg):
  • Usage: D-mannose, a sugar type, assists in flushing bacteria from the urinary tract, thus reducing UTI severity and duration.
  • Benefits: Flushes bacteria, diminishes UTI symptoms, supports urinary health.
  • Ascorbic Acid (USP) (40mg):
  • Usage: Ascorbic acid, or vitamin C, supports immune function and may help prevent UTIs by acidifying urine and inhibiting bacterial growth in the urinary tract.
  • Benefits: Boosts immune function, acidifies urine, inhibits bacterial growth.

Indications, Usage, and Dosage:

Indications: PharmRenal D-Mannose Sachet is indicated for individuals seeking to support urinary tract health and prevent urinary tract infections.

Usage: Shake the sachet well before use. Take one tablespoon (15ml) twice daily, preferably with meals, or as directed by a healthcare professional.

Dosage: Follow the dosage guidance provided by your healthcare consultant for optimal results.

Available Form: Sachet.

Product Design and Packaging:

Our products are meticulously designed and packaged to meet the specific requirements of importing countries, ensuring convenience and compliance for our global customers. Each sachet of PharmRenal D-Mannose Sachet is crafted with care to maintain product integrity and freshness, guaranteeing the highest quality for our consumers.

Why Choose PharmRenal D-Mannose Sachet:

PharmRenal D-Mannose Sachet offers targeted support for urinary tract health, with each ingredient carefully selected for its proven benefits. Our advanced formula provides comprehensive nutritional support, helping you maintain a healthy urinary system and prevent common issues like UTIs.


Presented by PharmAlliance International Labs Private Limited, PharmRenal D-Mannose Sachet is your ultimate solution for promoting urinary tract health and enjoying a vibrant, healthy life. Embrace the benefits of our innovative formula and take proactive steps towards maintaining optimal urinary tract health. With PharmRenal D-Mannose Sachet, you can flush away urinary tract worries and embrace a life of vitality and wellness.


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