PharmMen General Vitality Max 3-in-1

PharmAlliance International Labs proudly introduces PharmMen General Vitality Max 3-in-1, a groundbreaking supplement designed to revolutionize men’s health and wellness. This comprehensive formula combines three blister packs, each containing essential vitamins, minerals, and nutrients meticulously selected to support fertility, reproductive function, bone health, and overall vitality. Blister Type 01 features a Vitamin and Mineral Tablet with ingredients like Siberian Ginseng Extract and Coenzyme Q10, while Blister Type 02 includes Omega-3, 6, 9 Capsules with essential oils for heart and reproductive health. Blister Type 03 houses Vitamin D and Calcium for bone health and testosterone production. Simply take one sachet daily for comprehensive support tailored to men’s health needs. With customizable packaging options, PharmMen General Vitality Max 3-in-1 ensures maximum freshness and potency. Revolutionize your health and vitality with PharmAlliance International Labs today!



Revolutionize Your Health with PharmMen General Vitality Max 3-in-1 by PharmAlliance International Labs (PVT) Ltd.


Welcome to PharmAlliance International Labs (PVT) Ltd., a global leader in men’s health and wellness solutions. At PharmAlliance, we are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of scientific innovation to empower men around the world to achieve optimal health and vitality. Our latest breakthrough, the PharmMen General Vitality Max 3-in-1 supplement, represents the culmination of years of research and development, offering a comprehensive approach to men’s wellness like never before.

Men’s Health and Nutrition

In today’s fast-paced world, men’s health often takes a backseat amidst busy schedules and competing priorities. However, prioritizing nutrition is essential for supporting men’s overall well-being, particularly in areas such as fertility, sexual health, and energy levels. At PharmAlliance, we recognize the critical role that nutrition plays in men’s health, and we are committed to providing cutting-edge supplements to address their unique needs.

Product Overview

Introducing PharmMen General Vitality Max 3-in-1, our revolutionary triple pack formula designed to optimize men’s vitality and well-being. This advanced supplement combines three blister packs to deliver a synergistic blend of 36 essential nutrients, meticulously selected to support men’s health from every angle. Blister Type 01 features our Vitamin and Mineral Tablet, Blister Type 02 contains our Omega-3, 6, 9 Capsules, and Blister Type 03 houses our Vitamin D and Calcium supplement. Together, these supplements work harmoniously to provide comprehensive support for men’s fertility, reproductive function, bone health, and overall vitality.

Blister Type 01: Vitamin and Mineral Tablet

Let’s explore the ingredients found in Blister Type 01 and their potential benefits for men’s conception, infertility, and sexual enhancement:

  • Siberian Ginseng Extract (eq. to 20 mg): Enhances vitality, endurance, and reproductive health.
  • Coenzyme Q10 (2 mg): Improves sperm quality, motility, and fertility.
  • L-Carnitine (30 mg): Supports energy metabolism, sperm motility, and male fertility.
  • Citrus Bioflavonoids (10 mg): Protects sperm cells from oxidative damage and enhances fertility.
  • L-Arginine (20 mg): Improves erectile function, blood flow, and sexual performance.
  • L-Methionine (20 mg): Prevents premature ejaculation and supports reproductive health.
  • Silicon (10 mg): Supports connective tissue health and overall well-being.
  • Beta Carotene (2 mg): Protects sperm cells and enhances male fertility.
  • P.A.B.A (20 mg): Supports skin health and overall well-being.
  • Vitamin A (750 µg): Essential for healthy vision, immune function, and reproductive health.
  • Vitamin D (as D3 10 µg): Supports calcium absorption, bone health, and testosterone production.
  • Vitamin E (20 mg): Powerful antioxidant that protects cells and supports sperm health.
  • Vitamin C (60 mg): Antioxidant that enhances sperm quality and supports immune function.
  • Thiamin (Vitamin B1) (12 mg): Supports energy metabolism and nervous system function.
  • Riboflavin (Vitamin B2) (5 mg): Essential for energy production and antioxidant activity.
  • Niacin (Vitamin B3) (20 mg): Supports cardiovascular health and energy metabolism.
  • Vitamin B6 (9 mg): Supports hormone regulation and neurotransmitter synthesis.
  • Folic Acid (400 µg): Essential for DNA synthesis and reproductive health.
  • Vitamin B12 (9 µg): Supports nerve function and red blood cell production.
  • Biotin (50 µg): Supports metabolism and skin health.
  • Pantothenic Acid (10 mg): Supports adrenal gland function and energy production.
  • Magnesium (60 mg): Supports muscle function and testosterone levels.
  • Iron (6 mg): Essential for oxygen transport and energy metabolism.
  • Zinc (15 mg): Crucial for testosterone production and sperm health.
  • Copper (1000 µg): Supports antioxidant defense and collagen synthesis.
  • Manganese (3 mg): Supports bone health and antioxidant activity.
  • Selenium (150 µg): Protects sperm cells and supports male fertility.
  • Chromium (50 µg): Supports glucose metabolism and insulin sensitivity.
  • Iodine (150 µg): Essential for thyroid function and overall health.

Blister Type 02: Omega-3.6.9 Capsules

Now, let’s delve into the ingredients found in Blister Type 02 and their potential benefits for men’s health:

  • Omega-3 Fish Oil (400 mg): Supports heart health and sperm quality.
  • Blackcurrant Seed Oil (100 mg): Promotes hormone balance and reproductive function.
  • Pumpkin Seed Oil (100 mg): Supports prostate health and reproductive function.
  • Olive Oil (EP Grade) (60 mg): Enhances cardiovascular health and overall well-being.
  • Vitamin E (9.8 mg): Protects cells from oxidative damage and supports reproductive health.

Blister Type 03: Vitamin D and Calcium

Let’s describe each ingredient separately along with its strength and potential usage and benefits for men’s conception, infertility, and sexual enhancer:

  • Vitamin D (as D3 400 IU) 10 μg: Essential for testosterone production and bone health.
  • Calcium 500 mg: Supports bone health and overall vitality.


The PharmMen General Vitality Max 3-in-1 is indicated for men seeking to optimize their fertility, enhance sexual performance, and support overall health and vitality.

Usage and Dosage

Take one sachet daily, containing all three blister-packed supplements. Each sachet provides comprehensive nutritional support tailored to men’s health needs. Tablets and capsules are designed for easy swallowing and can be taken with or without food.

Available Forms

Our supplement is available in convenient tablet and capsule forms, packed in blister packs for maximum freshness and potency. We offer customizable packaging options to meet the specific requirements of importing countries.

At PharmAlliance International Labs (PVT) Ltd., we are committed to promoting men’s health through science-backed nutritional supplements. Our PharmMen General Vitality Max 3-in-1 is a testament to our dedication to excellence and innovation in the field of nutraceuticals. Elevate your health and vitality with us today!


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