PharmKid Omega 3 Chewables

Nurture your child’s mind and empower their body with PharmAlliance PharmKid Omega 3 Chewables Specifically designed for ages 4 to 12, these chewable capsules offer a delicious way to boost omega-3 intake. With high-purity Omega-3 Fish Oil, along with vitamins D and E, they support brain development, cognitive function, and heart health. Simply chew one or two capsules daily, depending on age, and enjoy the benefits of enhanced overall health and well-being. Trust PharmAlliance for superior-quality supplements tailored to your child’s needs.



Nurturing Young Minds, Empowering Growing Bodies – PharmKid Omega 3 Chewables


Step into the world of PharmAlliance Nutraceuticals, where we are dedicated to enriching the health and vitality of every member of your family. Our Kid’s Health Care Supplement Range “4 To 12 Years” is meticulously crafted to address the unique nutritional needs of children during their formative years. Developed by our specialized R&D Department, each product is intricately formulated to ensure optimal growth and development.

Why Nutrition is Vital for Kid’s Health Care Supplement Range “4 To 12 Years” Health:

The early years of a child’s life are pivotal for laying the foundation of lifelong health and well-being. During this period, adequate nutrition plays a pivotal role in supporting physical growth, cognitive development, immune function, and overall health. Providing children with a balanced diet supplemented with essential vitamins, minerals, and omega-3 fatty acids is indispensable for ensuring they reach their full potential and thrive in every aspect of their lives.

Product Overview:

Introducing PharmAlliance PharmKid Omega 3 Chewables, the perfect addition to your child’s daily routine. These chewable capsules are specially formulated for children aged 4 to 12 years, offering a convenient and delicious way to boost their omega-3 intake. Packed with high-purity Omega-3 Fish Oil, along with vitamins D and E, our chewables provide comprehensive support for your child’s health and well-being. Plus, they come in a tasty, kid-friendly format that makes supplement time enjoyable.

Ingredients and Their Usage:

  • High Purity Omega-3 Fish Oil (582 mg): Provides essential EPA (150 mg) and DHA (100 mg) fatty acids crucial for brain development, cognitive function, and heart health.
  • Vitamin E (Natural Source) (12 mg): Acts as an antioxidant, protecting cells from damage and supporting immune function.
  • Vitamin D (as D3 400 IU) (10 µg): Supports calcium absorption, bone health, and immune function.


PharmAlliance PharmKid Omega 3 Chewables are indicated for children aged 4 to 12 years to support overall health and well-being, cognitive development, and immune function.

Usage and Dosage:

  • Children aged 4 to 8 years: Chew one capsule daily.
  • Children aged 9 to 12 years: Chew two capsules daily. For optimal results, consume with food.

Available Form:

Chewable Capsules


Our products are available in customizable packaging options tailored to meet the requirements of different importing countries, ensuring convenience and compliance for our customers.

Experience the difference with PharmAlliance Kid’s Nutritions Omega 3 Chewables and provide your child with the nutritional support they need to thrive and flourish. With our unwavering commitment to quality and innovation, we’re dedicated to helping your child reach their full potential and lead a healthy, active life.


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