Iron Sucrose Complex

PharmAlliance International Labs introduces Iron Sucrose Complex Injection, a superior solution for iron deficiency anemia. With each liquid ampule containing 100 mg of Iron as Iron Sucrose Complex, our injectable solution ensures controlled release and optimal bioavailability for effective treatment. Trust our commitment to innovation, safety, and efficacy for improved patient outcomes and well-being.



Introducing Iron Sucrose Complex Injection by PharmAlliance International Labs

Welcome to PharmAlliance International Labs, where we are dedicated to pioneering healthcare solutions that improve the lives of individuals worldwide. Our Iron Sucrose Complex Injection exemplifies our commitment to providing high-quality pharmaceutical products tailored to meet the diverse needs of patients. With a focus on innovation, safety, and efficacy, we aim to set new standards in the treatment of iron deficiency anemia, ensuring optimal patient outcomes and well-being.

Drug Classification:

Iron Sucrose Complex Injection belongs to the class of drugs known as iron supplements. This formulation delivers iron in the form of a stable complex with sucrose, ensuring optimal bioavailability and minimal risk of adverse reactions. By providing a controlled release of iron into the bloodstream, our injection offers an effective solution for correcting iron deficiency anemia.


Iron Sucrose Complex Injection:

  • Strength: Each liquid ampule contains 100 mg of Iron (as Iron Sucrose Complex).
  • Product Form: Injectable solution for intravenous administration.
  • Packing Specs: Available in packs of 5 liquid ampoules for convenient dosing and storage.


Iron Sucrose Complex Injection is indicated for the treatment of iron deficiency anemia in adult patients who are intolerant to oral iron preparations or who have a clinical need for rapid iron repletion. It is particularly beneficial for individuals with chronic diseases such as chronic kidney disease or heart failure, where oral iron absorption may be impaired or insufficient.


Our injection should be administered under the supervision of a healthcare professional experienced in managing iron deficiency anemia. It is intended for intravenous use only and should not be administered via other routes. Prior to administration, the liquid ampule should be visually inspected for any signs of contamination.


The recommended dosage of Iron Sucrose Complex Injection is determined based on the patient’s iron deficit, hemoglobin levels, and clinical response to treatment. Dosage adjustments may be necessary for patients with severe iron deficiency anemia or underlying medical conditions affecting iron metabolism.


Iron Sucrose Complex is a stable complex designed to facilitate the controlled release of iron into the bloodstream. Following intravenous administration, it undergoes dissociation, releasing iron ions that bind to transferrin and are transported to the bone marrow for incorporation into hemoglobin.


Our injection replenishes iron stores and supports erythropoiesis, leading to an increase in hemoglobin levels and resolution of iron deficiency anemia. The controlled release of iron from the sucrose complex minimizes the risk of adverse effects associated with rapid infusion, ensuring patient safety and tolerability.

Side Effects:

Common side effects may include transient gastrointestinal disturbances, while hypersensitivity reactions, although rare, may occur following intravenous administration. Patients should be closely monitored for signs of allergic reactions during and after infusion.

Trust in the efficacy and safety of Iron Sucrose Complex Injection from PharmAlliance International Labs. With our dedication to patient care and pharmaceutical excellence, we strive to provide solutions that make a meaningful difference in the lives of individuals affected by iron deficiency anemia. For more information, please visit our website or consult your healthcare provider.


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