Fluorometholone Range

PharmAlliance International Labs presents the Fluorometholone Range, a specialized solution for ocular inflammation. Crafted with precision, Fluorometholone swiftly targets inflammation, offering relief from discomfort and redness. Packaged as “E.Drops,” it ensures precise dosing for conditions like conjunctivitis and iritis. Adhere to hygiene and dosage guidelines diligently, and watch for potential side effects. Trust PharmAlliance for optimal ocular health, ensuring clarity of vision and comfort.



Elevating Eye Health: PharmAlliance International Labs Private Limited’s Fluorometholone Range

Welcome to PharmAlliance International Labs Private Limited, your premier destination for cutting-edge pharmaceutical solutions tailored to enhance ocular health and well-being. We take immense pride in introducing our Fluorometholone Range, meticulously formulated to combat ocular inflammation and associated conditions with precision and efficacy.

Understanding the Drug Class:

Fluorometholone, the cornerstone of our Fluorometholone Range, belongs to the esteemed class of corticosteroids. Renowned for their potent anti-inflammatory properties, corticosteroids serve as frontline agents in managing various inflammatory and allergic conditions. Specifically crafted for ophthalmic use, Fluorometholone targets ocular inflammation, providing relief from swelling, redness, and discomfort.

Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics:

Upon ocular administration, Fluorometholone is swiftly absorbed, penetrating ocular tissues to exert its therapeutic effects locally. Acting as a potent corticosteroid, it suppresses the inflammatory response, inhibiting the release of inflammatory mediators and mitigating immune cell infiltration. This concerted action facilitates symptom control and promotes tissue healing, offering sustained relief from ocular inflammation.

Formulations and Indications:

Our Fluorometholone Range is thoughtfully crafted in the form of “E.Drops,” ensuring precise and convenient dosing for optimal therapeutic outcomes. Indicated for various ocular conditions, including allergic conjunctivitis, iritis, keratitis, and post-operative inflammation, it serves as a versatile solution for diverse ocular ailments.

Usage and Dosage Guidelines:

Prioritize hygiene by ensuring clean and dry hands before instilling Fluorometholone drops. With a gentle tilt of the head and pull of the lower eyelid, create a small pocket for drop administration. Instill the prescribed number of drops directly into the pocket, avoiding contact between the dropper tip and any surface to prevent contamination. Blink gently to ensure even distribution of the medication across the eye surface.

Side Effects and Precautions:

While generally well-tolerated, common side effects of Fluorometholone may include transient stinging or burning sensation, blurred vision, and eye irritation. Vigilance is essential, as rare but serious side effects such as increased intraocular pressure or corneal thinning may occur. Should any unusual or persistent side effects arise, discontinue use and seek prompt medical attention.

Packing Specifications:

Packaged in a convenient 5 ml bottle, our Fluorometholone Range ensures easy storage and administration, fostering convenience and compliance for optimal ocular health management.

Trust in PharmAlliance International Labs Private Limited:

Place your trust in PharmAlliance International Labs Private Limited’s Fluorometholone Range to provide effective relief from ocular inflammation, enabling you to revel in clear vision and improved eye comfort. With our unwavering commitment to excellence and superior pharmaceutical solutions, we stand as your steadfast partner in the journey towards enhanced ocular health and well-being.


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