PharmAlliance introduces its Cephradine Range, revolutionizing antibiotic therapy with innovation and precision. As a first-generation cephalosporin, Cephradine offers broad-spectrum coverage against bacterial infections. Available in tablets, capsules, and dry vials, it caters to diverse clinical needs. Dosage regimens are tailored for optimal outcomes, guided by pharmacokinetic insights. While generally well-tolerated, vigilant monitoring ensures patient safety. Experience excellence in antibiotic therapy with PharmAlliance’s Cephradin Range.



Revolutionizing Antibiotic Therapy with PharmAlliance’s Cephradine Range

Welcome to PharmAlliance International Labs Private Limited, where cutting-edge pharmaceutical solutions meet the global demand for superior healthcare. Step into a realm of innovation and efficacy with our esteemed Cephradine Range, meticulously crafted to address a myriad of bacterial infections with precision and reliability.

Unveiling First-Generation Excellence:

Cephradine, a cornerstone of our antibiotic arsenal, belongs to the esteemed class of first-generation cephalosporin antibiotics. Renowned for their broad spectrum of activity against Gram-positive and select Gram-negative bacteria, our products Range epitomizes our commitment to delivering excellence in antibiotic therapy.

Formulations Designed for Versatility:

Tailored to meet diverse clinical needs, our Cephradine Range boasts a comprehensive array of formulations:

Tablets: Available in strengths of 125mg DS and 250mg DS, these dispersible tablets offer convenience for oral administration, packaged in DS 60ml packs.

Cephradine Capsules: With strengths of 250mg and 500mg, our capsules provide flexible dosing options for oral administration, available in packs of 12’s.

Dry Vial: Featuring strengths of 500mg and 1000mg, our lyophilized powder formulations ensure easy reconstitution for intravenous administration, packaged in single vial packs.

Targeted Indications:

With a broad spectrum of indications, our Cephradine Range is tailored to address diverse bacterial infections, including but not limited to:

  • Respiratory tract infections
  • Urinary tract infections
  • Skin and soft tissue infections
  • Otitis media
  • Surgical prophylaxis

Navigating Usage and Dosage:

Cephridine tablets and capsules offer oral convenience, while the dry vial formulation is tailored for intravenous use. Dosage regimens are meticulously tailored based on infection type, severity, and patient-specific factors, ensuring optimal therapeutic outcomes.

Exploring Pharmacokinetics and Dynamics:

Rapid oral absorption coupled with wide tissue distribution characterizes Cephradne’s pharmacokinetic profile. By exerting a potent bactericidal effect through inhibition of bacterial cell wall synthesis, Cephradine stands as a frontline defender against microbial threats.

Understanding Side Effects and Safety Profile:

While generally well-tolerated, Cephradine may elicit mild gastrointestinal disturbances and allergic reactions. Vigilant monitoring for rare yet serious adverse events, including anaphylaxis and pseudomembranous colitis, underscores our commitment to patient safety.

Experience Excellence with PharmAlliance:

Embark on a journey of efficacy and reliability with PharmAlliance International Labs Private Limited’s Cephradin Range. For inquiries and further information, connect with us as we redefine antibiotic therapy for the global healthcare landscape.


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