Acitretin Range

PharmAlliance International Labs is proud to introduce our Acitretin Range, designed to elevate dermatological care. Acitretin, a potent synthetic retinoid, offers profound anti-inflammatory and anti-proliferative effects, promoting skin health and texture. As a second-generation retinoid, Acitretin revolutionizes dermatological care for conditions like psoriasis and severe acne. Our capsule formulations ensure precise dosing and convenience, empowering individuals to manage diverse dermatoses effectively. Seamlessly integrate Acitretin into your skincare regimen, and trust our vigilant support to navigate potential side effects. Experience the PharmAlliance difference and embrace healthier, clearer skin with our Acitretin Range.



PharmAlliance International Labs: Elevating Dermatological Care with Acitretin Range

Welcome to PharmAlliance International Labs, where we redefine dermatological care with our commitment to excellence and innovation. We are thrilled to present our Acitretin Range, a testament to our dedication to empowering individuals with healthier, clearer skin. At PharmAlliance, we prioritize your well-being and strive to provide unparalleled solutions to address a spectrum of dermatological concerns.

Delving into the Science of Acitretin: A Beacon of Hope for Skin Health

Embark on a transformative journey towards radiant skin with Acitretin, a potent synthetic retinoid derivative renowned for its profound anti-inflammatory and anti-proliferative properties. By modulating skin cell growth and differentiation, Acitretin curtails the abnormal proliferation characteristic of psoriasis and other dermatoses, while fostering normalization of keratinization and sebum production for improved skin texture and appearance.

Navigating the Drug Class of Acitretin: A Second-Generation Retinoid Revolutionizing Dermatological Care

As a second-generation retinoid, Acitretin stands at the forefront of dermatological innovation, offering a versatile therapeutic approach to conditions such as psoriasis, palmoplantar pustulosis, and severe acne. With its potent anti-inflammatory effects and ability to promote skin renewal, Acitretin exemplifies the evolution of dermatological therapeutics, heralding a new era of skin health.

Tailored Formulations for Optimal Efficacy and Convenience

Our Acitretin Range is thoughtfully formulated in capsule form, with strengths of 10 mg and 25 mg to cater to diverse treatment needs. Each capsule encapsulates the precise dosage of Acitretin required to effectively manage dermatological conditions, ensuring optimal efficacy and convenience for our valued customers.

Empowering Indications for Comprehensive Dermatological Management

Unlock the potential of Acitretin capsules, indicated for the treatment of severe psoriasis, palmoplantar pustulosis, and recalcitrant acne vulgaris. With its broad spectrum of indications, Acitretin offers a holistic approach to dermatological management, empowering individuals to reclaim their confidence and embrace a life free from the burden of skin disorders.

Seamless Integration into Your Skincare Regimen

Incorporate Acitretin capsules seamlessly into your daily routine by taking them orally with water, preferably alongside meals to optimize absorption. Adherence to the prescribed dosage regimen and regular monitoring of liver function, lipid levels, and pregnancy status are essential to ensure the safety and efficacy of treatment.

Navigating Potential Side Effects with Vigilance and Support

While Acitretin is generally well-tolerated, it may entail certain side effects, including dry skin, photosensitivity, and elevated liver enzymes. Our team remains vigilant in monitoring your progress and is committed to providing ongoing support to address any concerns or adverse reactions promptly.

Experience the PharmAlliance Difference: Your Partner in Dermatological Wellness

Place your trust in PharmAlliance International Labs for transformative dermatological solutions that transcend conventional boundaries. With our Acitretin Range, embark on a journey towards healthier, clearer skin, and rediscover the confidence to embrace life to the fullest.


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